Blogging SEO Tips

Posted on August 12, 2007. Filed under: Blogging |

  1. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but don’t keyword (KW) SPAM, not even with invisible text.
  2. Use Akismet (tool) to block comment SPAM.
  3. Also checkouth Math Comment SPAM Protection (tool).
  4. Use SEO Title (plugin), which switchers the name of your blog with your post title.
  5. Use Democracy (plugin) to easily use polls in your blog. (
  6. Use your keywords in natural language, change also could be used as changing.
  7. Use categories that are good keywords. (WordPress is great for this)
  8. In your URL or domain,, dashes is best and no spaces between words is worst.
  9. Use ALT tags on your images, it makes a big difference, b/c you can get alot of stuff found in image and video search, and besides blind people will appreciate it b/c their computer reads out loud the tags attached to images and videos so they can better understand the site they are visiting.
  10. Feel free to end your URL with .php.htm.html.xhtml, they are all ok as ends to your URL and there is no SEO component to the code used.
  11. Dynamic URL’s are treated the same as static URL’s, but keep the number of parameters low, about 2 or 3.
  12. Make sure your site is crawlable, (again WordPress is best).
  13. Make the post creation date easy to find.
  14. Check your blog on a cell phone/iphone.
  15. Use full text RSS feeds to get the most users, partial feeds get more page views but not as much love.
  16. You blog should do standard pings.
  17. Install Netscape 4.7 and see if you can naviagte your entire site to see if it’s crawlable.
  18. When moving to a new web host, reduce your DNS time to live(optional) >back up your site>bring it up on new IP>watch Google bot and user traffic until they fetch the site from new IP>take down the old site.
  19. Build cool apps.
  20. iPhone Apps.
  21. Make great videos.
  22. Creative ides: free hugs campaign, Macs vs. PC, photoshopping i.e Perez Hilton, sell your mustache on eBay, tutorials, analysis, create controversy, make lists.
  23. Watch this video

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